Paris…and Then

Yes, I know it’s now January 2022. Yes, I know we went to France in September 2021. You would not believe how our lives have changed. But, I digress. First Paris, then the Loire Valley, then the life-altering episode.

Ah, Paris. We stayed in the Hotel Jardins d’Eiffel, a three-star hotel. A lovely hotel with an impeccable staff. Our room was spacious (according to Paris standards) with a drop-dead gorgeous view of the Eiffel Tower (according to any standards). Yes, it was incredible. There was a lovely hotel garden where we could relax in the afternoon or where we could have breakfast in the mornings. We opted for the hotel breakfast in the mornings and were not disappointed. The ladies offered a large American-German-styled breakfast, so no one went away hungry.

We walked out the front door of the hotel and into the heart of Paris. A few blocks from Les Invalides, a few blocks from La Tour Eiffel. A few blocks to Rue de Grenelle, a few blocks to the Musee Rodin. And, of course, it is just a few blocks to Rue Cler…one of my favorite streets for, well, everything.

The weather the first of September could not have been more perfect. Warm and sunny with brilliant blue skies. We wandered hand in hand for hours checking out everywhere we love to go and finding new spots. Then we stopped for a bite to eat, one day at a cafe, another day at an English pub. Who knew we would find a pub in Paris.

Even in a pandemic, Paris did not disappoint. The Parisians were welcoming, the tourists were glad to be there, so everywhere we went it was wonderful. The metros were not packed. The museums were easy to enter. The restaurants were excited to show what they could do. Even having to wear a mask indoors was not really a hardship, just something we had all gotten used to.

After a few days in Paris recharging from the trip over – and for me, recharging my “French” batteries, we were ready to head to our new home-away-from-home in the Loire Valley. But, more about that next time.

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