Book Review: Total Power

When describing myself, I stated that I like reading, writing, and traveling. Well, traveling is not in the cards for now, so I am reading and writing…a lot. Here is a book I picked up last week. Vince Flynn Total Power by Kyle Mills was a quick, yet intriguing, read. An espionage thriller, it posed the question of what would happen if enemies of the United States took out the power grid. The entire power grid. The entire power grid for the entire United States…and part of Canada Hmmmm, what would happen? Most of us would not make it for even so much as a week. Can you imagine: no lights, no fridge, no heat/air, no gasoline for cars (yeah, they take electricity to run the pumps).

We were talking about what we would do. Cook on the grill whatever frozen meat we have…and eat it quickly before it spoiled. Uh-huh, and then what? Eat cereal until it runs out? We have city water, so for a while at least, we would have water. It did not take us long to truly hope our government has a better handle on the safety of the power grid than it appears. However, after what we have seen in Washington for the past thirty years, that would be debatable. I loved how the protagonist, Mitch Rapp, took care of one Congressman. It seemed totally fair.

Mitch Rapp was the brainchild of the gifted author Vince Flynn. Vince (yeah, I am sure we would have been great friends, and he would have been happy for me to call him Vince), wrote thirteen Mitch Rapp books, and was working on his fourteenth when he passed away from prostate cancer at the far too young age of forty-seven. His fans from all over the world were devastated by his death, and were saddened to think that there would be no more Mitch Rapp books. Thankfully, his estate partnered with the wonderful writer, Kyle Mills, who has written in the same vein for many years.

Kyle Mills made a seamless weaving of his style and Vince Flynn’s to finish the fourteenth book in the series. Now, Total Power marks the nineteenth Mitch Rapp book; it does not disappoint. Mitch Rapp saves the world one more time. And thank goodness he does. Of course, it is not easy…it never is for Mitch Rapp. But, he muddles through the bureaucratic maze that is Washington, shoots and slices through those who would thwart the good that he does, and remind everyone that his skillset is still very much needed. Then he gets to go home to the lovely Claudia and the sweet Anna. Now, Mitch doesn’t save the world by himself. His team is the best there is, and they would follow him to the ends of the earth – and they have. They each have their own fleshed-out characters so they all become the friends you would want to have if you ever feared for your life…or your country.

It’s a great read that keeps you turning the page wondering what else could possibly happen…and then it does. When you finally close the book after the very last page, you have to just sit there weighing the moral issues, thinking about all that happened. Then you shelve it in your own library, waiting for the next book, the next installment of Mitch Rapp.

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