The Travel Bug

I am not terribly bright. When I started writing this blog again, I decided to post once per week. Then, I had to decide which day to post. That seems easy enough…uh-huh, sure. I thought about Mondays, but I already spend part of Mondays reading other blogs that I have been following for years, or weeks. So, Mondays were out. Well, how about Tuesdays? That is a good day for me, not too much going on. Great, Tuesdays it is. Except. Except last week, I got this idea in my tiny, little brain that I had decided to post on Wednesdays. Duh. It is so sad to have so few brain cells to rub together. At least, I am back on Tuesdays…this week.

I don’t know about you but I have truly missed traveling. I have missed all of the places, sounds, smells, people, and new experiences that make up traveling. I love to go…anywhere. Okay, maybe not so much anywhere cold, or really buggy, or terribly dangerous, but I love to travel. Really. I do.

I think my absolute favorite place to travel to is France. At this point, I have been to most of the country. There are pockets of places I have not seen, but, for the most part, I have traveled to all of the major places and many of the minor places. I adore Paris. Remarkably, it is the only place in the world where I never get lost. I can’t explain it, especially since my dear husband says I can get lost backing out of our driveway.

I love traveling by train, car, bus, boat, or airplane. I have even traveled by ferry and by cable car (don’t ask). I started traveling when I was twelve, and I have never tired of it. I have lost track of how many states and countries I have visited. There is some little Facebook challenge where you are supposed to say how far you and your sweetie have traveled together. I liked looking at it until I realized that my husband and I have traveled a very long way together. Although, I am doubtful that I am really going to get him to Australia…that might end up being a “girls trip”.

That’s another thing. I have traveled with my parents and siblings; my husband and children; my mother and children; my mother, husband, and children; my mother; my husband; my girlfriends; friends from different organizations; school groups; and by myself. I would say that I will travel with anyone, but, in today’s world, I really would draw the line at “some people”…you know, like axe murderers.

I am so looking forward to getting back to traveling. This past year has been so difficult. Travel has really consisted of going from my house to my back garden – not terribly exciting, I know. Hopefully, in the next few months, the world will reawaken, reopen and we can get moving, traveling, seeing friends and family, seeing bright, new places. I am so ready for that. How about you?

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