My Writing Life

Do you ever have one of those days when you wonder why you do it? Why write? It would surely be easier to just sit back and watch mind-numbing television for hours on end. Don’t some people do that? But, no. That is not who you are. What is not who I am. So, I write. I was busy writing last year and ended up being published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Laughter is the Best Medicine. I was tickled pink to have my story chosen. It validated everything; all of the writing I had done to that point. Yay, I had made it…no, really. Obviously, I had. I was published.

But, the reality is, being published is such a small part of writing. For me, it’s not even the most important part of writing. I write because I must. I have so many stories crowding into the corners of my mind…and they want out. They let me know if I am ignoring them. They howl when one gets more attention than the others. I guess that is why I am working on three books right now. Two are murder mysteries that are the first two in a series, but the third is totally different. It is a creative non-fiction book.

The two cosy mysteries are easy. They are about three college girlfriends who always have each other’s back – even when dead bodies turn up. Here is the blurb for the first one. What do you think?

“There is a dead girl on the quiet, South Carolina Lowcountry island called Fripp Island. A dead girl in a bathing suit coverup and one pink flip-flop. The three women who discover her body are going to have the devil’s own time trying to find the killer while staying out of the way of the surly police detective. Although, the good-looking, helpful detective is an entirely different matter. Now, when the dead girl shows up and wants to help them find her killer, things really get out of hand. Throw in a kitten, an ouija board, an out-of-control golf cart, and a hermit, and the girls find themselves careening from one end of the island to the other, trying to outrun a desperate killer intent on keeping his secrets silent…and anyone who gets in his way.”

It’s a fun write and, hopefully, a fun read. Once I finish writing it, then I will start looking for an agent and a publisher. No one ever said writing would be easy. But, writing is what I do. It is who I am.

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retired teacher, writer, wife, mother, dog lover, traveler - real and imagined places!
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