Writing Through the Confusion

I have obviously lost my mind. Hmmm, last week I wrote about Lost Charleston and this week I have decided that I have lost my mind. I believe a theme might be arising…maybe…or maybe I am just nuts. There is every possibility.

At any rate, I write sweet romances and cozy mysteries. I write true-life stories for Chicken Soup for the Soul. I do not write non-fiction biographies. Ever. Never ever. And yet. And yet. And yet, I have started a biography about a free black man who was born free in Charleston, SC before the American Civil War. He led a fascinating life. His descendants have lived fascinating lives. I am not ready to share his name…you will have to wait for that.

Even though I am thrilled to be writing it, I am finding it difficult going. Do I write a dry biography? Or a creative non-fiction biography? Or a narrative non-fiction biography? Do you see my dilemma? What do I do? Who knew there were so many ways to write a biography.

Of course, I am good at writing fiction. Maybe, I should write a historical fiction…a fictional character thrown into his life. That actual would be the easiest of the bunch. But. But, I never go the easy route. Do you?

Can you imagine being a little black boy in a city filled with black enslaved people? Can you imagine his mother, a freed black woman, and her fear for her children? How about a free black child’s education. So many interesting ways to write this. So many angles. So much material.

However, the clock ticks its relentless journey through the day. So I must get to my writing…as soon as I decide how I am going to write this book.

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