Where Are You Going Post-COVID?

If you have seen my earliest posts, you will know that I suffer from a chronic illness. Some days are better than others. Last week was a terrible week. I gave myself permission to not post last week to lessen the stress I put upon myself. It always surprises me just how much stress we do put on ourselves. Does it surprise you?

At least we were able to travel a few weeks ago. I am happy to say that we went to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. It was a glorious week…once we got there. Have you ever flown Spirit Airlines? Dear Heavenly Day, the flight over was not a good flight, to say the least. The departure time was perfect. The flight time was great. The trip itself? Horrendous. There was a group of ten people flying together but who chose not to pay extra for seats together. That was not, however, a problem for them, they just screamed across the plane to one another. Oh yeah, that happened. That happened for three hours. Obviously, the flight attendants do not get paid enough to bother with the crazies who fly on the planes.

Once we arrived in St. Thomas another reality hit. It took one and one-half hours to get the rental car we had rented weeks ago. Yup, we had a reservation, so we got a car eventually, but all of those people who thought they would just get a car when they arrived were out of luck. I don’t think it is going to get any better anywhere for the foreseeable future.

Ah, but the brass ring was when we settled into the resort. It was pure bliss. Heaven on earth. A glorious week of ocean, pool, water sports, to-die-for foods, caribbean breezes, and time with my hubby made for a magical first-trip-post-COVID week. We took time to smell the roses, and all of the other flowers. We took time to watch the wildlife. We took time to just be. And it truly was glorious.

I was dreading the trip back on Spirit Airlines, but my beloved husband surprised me by paying for the upgraded seats. Now, that is the way to fly Spirit. Those seats are two by two, so no crazy lady sitting beside me screaming to her friend three rows up and over from us. We were sorta cocooned in our own little world, just the two of us. The seats are mighty comfy, too. That is the only way hubby is getting me back on a Spirit Airlines flight.

So. So, even though last week was a very difficult week, there were other weeks that were great. I am so glad to be traveling again. Wandering the world. Finding the by-ways of the world to see. Gathering fodder for my writings. Spending time with blank pages and then filling them up. Just going.

Even with a chronic illness, or perhaps in spite of a chronic illness, I get up and go when I can, where I can, however I can. How about you? Where are you going post-COVID?

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