Edi-Slo, Not Edisto

We just returned from four wonderful days at Edisto, South Carolina…beach, not just island. (Trust me, there is a difference.) Oh, what a heavenly visit it was. We watched the international space station zip across the night sky. We sat at the beach and did nothing more strenuous than lift a bottle of water to our lips or wade ankle deep into the lapping surf. We ate great seafood at several awesome restaurants.

Edisto Beach has a well-deserved reputation for moving slowly, and we like it that way. We do not need those busy beaches with massive condos and hotels taking up every inch of land – and sand. We don’t need the constant noise of beach shops and amusement parks that litter so many beach places. We need to recharge our batteries when we go to Edisto. We need to slow down and just be. We need our little slice of heaven, so we go.

My husband and I have been going to Edisto since we were children. It truly is a wonder we never met there. It took until we were out of college and settled in our careers to meet each other. I really think one of the reasons we ended up together was because we each thought the perfect vacation was a week on Edisto Beach.

We have been going together to the beach for more than thirty years, and we look forward to many more years there. We raised our children on Edisto seafood, ice cream, and sand. They may have chosen homes and careers a world away, but they, too, treasure their memories of Edisto. As a matter of fact, our one daughter invited high school friends for a few days at Edisto Beach to celebrate their ten year reunion a few years ago. Everyone had a fantastic week remembering the past while making memories for the future.

I never want Edisto to be just a part of my memoires. So I keep going back, season after season after season.

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